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Who cares about soup?

So I know people keep checking this and it’s obvious I fell of the blogging train. I have been posting pictures to Flickr, but it’s Jess’ Aunt Margaret who prompted me to finally post. Her message to me was “please write something about that little baby! who cares about soup!”

Enough about the yummy zucchini basil soup, and more about Kate! She’s getting so big. I was surprised at how little and alien-like she looked in the post below. She’s definitely filled out and trying to catch up. At her last appt on August 23 she was creeping up on 11 pounds and I know she’s well over that now. So finally, she weighs more than the cat.

We’ve had a busy couple of months. I went back to work part-time working 10-2 just before the start of the semester so Kate started going to the Lafayette College Early Learning Center here on campus. We like it there, and because she is currently the youngest there she gets lots and lots of snuggles. I think when some of the staff take their breaks, the come right down to see Kate.

Kate and I successfully made a surprise trip to Louisiana for the Labor Day weekend. It was my sister-in-law’s baby shower and Kate still had two uncles and an aunt she needed to meet so Kelvin bought us a ticket and away we went! Only my dad knew we were coming so he had some covert work to get the car seat ordered and installed so he could pick us up undetected. Her Gram squealed and her Aunts Cara and Effie cried when they saw her. Uncles John and Josh were surprised too and didn’t give their turn to hold her up to anyone.

We’re attempting to get into a routine. She’s got the sleeping all night down, but she can be pretty cranky in the evening. I think it’s just a ploy to get her dad to hold her, and if that is the case, it’s working.

Sleepy Sunday

forcing myself to stay up helped. we went to be around 9 i think and didn’t officially crawl out of the bed until around 9 this morning. i won’t tell you the number of trips we each made to the toilet during the night, but i will say kelvin outnumbered me and the bee.

it rained several times during the night, and we think a possum took refuge from the rain in the eave space just above our room; actually, i hear it shuffle now even as i type. something so relaxing about the rain hitting the tin roof; we stayed in bed and listened to the chorus of birds outside. their colors are amazing and their sounds so different from home. the banter of the kookaburras made us laugh like kids.

after we finally got out of bed, we enjoyed a lingering breakfast in the kitchen. kelvin tried a pineapple muffin, cereal (with heated milk) and later a croissant while i stuck to weet bix, fruit, and a few picks of his croissant.

steve and deb took us for a drive through the countryside. we passed macadamia and sugar cane fields, and  i saw a kangaroo steve spotted in a cow pasture. we found our way to Tucki Tucki nature reserve in hopes of finding a few koala in the trees. at that we were unsuccessful, but i did get a few pictures of other nature.

we ended up on the Southern Cross Uni campus where there is a koala rescue/rehab center. they have a koala there named Constable who is blind; he was hit by a car and lost an eye and the other is gone from age. he was snuggled in his tree. the volunteer there told us about a mother and joey who live in the trees by their center, and was able to point out the joey high in the tree. as we looked at him, Deb spotted the mother in a lower branch so we spent a good 20 minutes look at her from different angles. she let us know she wasn’t amused by turning her butt to us and letting a long stream of pee flow down out of the tree.

the uni also has an herb garden just a few meters away so we walked down to see the flowers and sniff the herbs before we headed home.

Happy (early) Anniversary to us!

Celebrating our 6th Anniversary

As is his usual MO, kelvin had a fun weekend planned for us to celebrate our anniversary this weekend. We left Saturday morning and stopped to leave Braut with our friends E&A before getting on the road. I had no idea where we were headed so when we got on 78 headed east I thought maybe NYC or maybe upstate NY somewhere. But then we turned off and headed south in New Jersey. The weather was beautiful and we ended up at the Seaview Resort just outside Atlantic City.

That evening we had a great dinner at Bobby Flay Steak inside the Borgata. We enjoyed some Prosecco, Le Colture ‘Brut Spumante’, Valdobbiadene n.v. that I hope to find at a wine shop somewhere. We started with a lobster crab cake and the romaine salad. Then moved on to our NY Strips. I splurged for the Philladelphia style sitting on a provolone cheese reduction with three little mounds of carmalized onions. We really didn’t even need the wild mushroom mashed potatoes with truffle oil or the butterscotch and chocolate layer cake with raspberry sauce we shared for dessert. The pastry chef added a Happy Anniversary plaque and a candle.

Kenny Rogers Christmas show

Though the dinner was amazing, we weren’t finished yet. Kelvin had tickets for us to see Kenny Rogers at the Taj Mahal. We certainly were outliers for the demographic, but the show was great. He came out and many of his big hits or medley’s of them. Then while the band played a holiday tune, he changed and came back out to do a Christmas show. It was so fun to see him, and the fact that Kelvin admitted to having a good time was great.

We finished up the weekend yesterday with a trip to the hotel fitness center and the amazing Sunday Champagne Brunch at the SeaView– mimosas, lobster claws, oysters, shrimp, and I splurged on a yummy biscuit.

The weather was beautiful for our drive home, and we stopped at one of the big malls to finish up some shopping. Just spending time together always reminds me how lucky I am.