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Zerr Farm Dill Pickles

I hope my friend who is part of the Zerr family doesn’t mind me sharing this dill pickle recipe. With the influx of three different varieties of cucumbers in the garden I’ve been able to play with a few refrigerator recipes, but now I think I’m ready to move the the big league with sterilizing and all that business.

7 cups water
3 ½-4 cups white vinegar
3/4 cups canning salt
2 Tblsp Alum

Bring all to boil and pour over filled jars and seal (Note from Jess: I use inversion method to get a good seal–right after filling, turn the jars over and cover with a cloth. After jars have cooled, turn them upright again. You should notice the lid has no give/pop to it.)

Fill jars with:
cucumbers, dill (a whole stalk–just stuff it in), 1-2 broken red chili peppers, 1-2 toes garlic and ½ teaspoon pickling spices. (Note from Jess: and a couple of whole green beans are pretty good in there, too.)