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Psycho workout girl?

As I was running yesterday, I think I realize I’ve past some milestone. I’ve moved beyond the drudgery of working out and eating right and I’m pretty sure I’ve entered some psycho workout phase. We went running (kelvin was my accomplice) in the rain– over four miles while it sprinkled steadily. And I didn’t care. I did try to talk kelvin into not going, but once I got moving, I didn’t care so much. I realized at one point I was drier running than I was Friday walking around NYC.

I spent Friday with an old friend– walking around the city as rain poured through the umberella. We did get some reprieve by taking a Sex and the City bus tour. I have admittedly never watched the show, but the tour was fun. We drove by key locations from some of the episodes and made three stops along the way. One of the stops was in the village and I took the opportunity to make a mad dash down to Murray’s to precure some excellent cheese. I’m trying to pace myself with the cheese; weigh-in is Wednesday. I also brought home four Magnolia cupcakes that fortunately kelvin was able to help me with.

WW as a RPG

Tonight over an excellent southern Indian buffet dinner at Spice India, my friend E was telling me about this article he read: “Fun Way to Lose Weight: Turning Dieting into an RPG.” Why didn’t i think to write the thing? I’ve thought several times that the reason weight watchers has worked for me is that i treat it like a game. it keeps my interest because i love puzzles, and it’s the ultimate puzzle– it starts over each morning and it takes strategy to get the puzzle to end perfectly at zero by the time i go to bed. I haven’t used the online tools much, I really just mooch off my mom’s account when I need to look for something specific. But the article makes me want to write that letter to the Nike+ people even more.

I’m currently in love with my Nike+ iPod thingy (the really need a good name for the thing so people don’t look at me like i’m completely crazy). The problem I have with it is that it’s too simple. Sure it’s nice that I can keep track of my runs, the data is uploaded into my account and i can see my runs. But I want to do more with it– i want to pick several runs and overlay them to see how my pace, distance and time has changed over time. Basically I want to download the data and be able to manipulate it with my mad Excel skills. Nerd I know; but it’s the geeky motivation I need