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Poop post

Everyone always says when you have a baby you start obsessing about poop. And it’s true. I won’t leave you with the gory details, but let’s just say that Kate has decided she prefers to store things up for several days before she gives us a prize. And by US, I mean ME. I keep telling her that I pay good money to send her to school and she could leave them with a prize if she wanted. Kelvin also said that he hasn’t witnessed any of these monster blowouts; maybe she’ll give him one as a welcome home present.

Actually the only catastrophic blowout occurred in her Gram’s car headed to Effie’s shower. She was dressed in her adorable brown and pink romper that Gram pressed for her. She let one go that soaked through the diaper, her clothes and onto the car seat. Cara’s mother-in-law noticed it as I pulled Kate out of the car seat so my clothes were saved. It was pretty comical. I had successfully gotten her undressed and put the outfit where I thought it was out of the way on the towel I had her on and she of course stuck her foot in it. So I clean up her foot and as I return to finish cleaning her nether regions she decided she needed to pee. Lovely. I sent everyone into the shower and we finished getting clean and changed. She wore her “As cute as my Aunt” outfit to the party and I will forever tell the story of her first major blowout. Because I’m the mom, and I can do that.

Weekend already?

The week flew by. Kate had her first pediatricians appointment with Dr Verma on Monday. She had gained four ounces since the visiting nurse saw her on Friday; my girl can pack on the weight like her mom. But we’re happy about that. Verma sent us to Dr. Robert Kitei, an ophthalmologist to have her eye looked at. Seems she has a persistent hyaloid artery in her right eye. He told us to Google it, but when we look to know it is not PHPV. So we get to visit him a few more times so he can take a look every few weeks to see if it is changing. Usually this artery atrophies in the third trimester, so hopefully it will do that and not cause her any problems beyond the nearsightedness she seems to have in that eye already. I’m hoping she doesn’t have to get glasses, but if that is the worst of it, we’ll deal.

Other than that excitement, things have been pretty quiet. We are keeping her on her 12-3-6-9 schedule as much as possible. She generally wakes us up for the 3am and the others we generally wake her up. She’s so funny though because she cries out around 3am and as soon as we get in the room she stops. Really the only time she really cried was when Dr Kitei used a clamp to hold her little eye open so he could get a better look. She had deadening drops in her eye and he assured us it didn’t hurt, but she cried anyway. Until the moment he took it off and she immediately stopped.

It was nice to have Kelvin home this week. Beyond helping with baby, he was able to get some things done around the house. Zach even came up yesterday to help with a few yard projects and they power washed the house this morning.

So we have the weekend and then Kate and I will be on our own during the day while Kelvin works his 10 hour days. I think I need to start a list of little projects I want to accomplish (as soon as I get the last few thank you notes written) so I can be productive while she sleeps. And maybe I should make a list of projects for her Gram & Pop when they come to visit the first week in July.