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No More MAG

Dr K came in around 1 and put in the order that the nurse could stop the Magnesium Sulfate. So I’m unfettered from the IV for now. They’re keeping the line in to use for antibiotics a few more rounds but that will be 30 minutes at a time every 4 or 8 hours (I don’t remember how often they’ve been doing that). AND without me expecting it he wrote to keep me on the monitor for an hour ever 4 hours. So i will be unhooked totally for 3 hours starting around 2pm this afternoon. shower here i come! It’s the little things really.

Dr K’s guess is  a girl, and she’ll be born over the weekend. His reasoning on girl is selfish, because they generally do better in the NICU and the weekend based on if my membranes ruptured on Thursday (and I’m not positive if it was then or Sunday or some other day, but me explaining here would be TMI for this general audience).

He did say from the monitor I’ve been having zero to five contractions an hour; news to me really. Maybe it’s better things are happening this way with me here. This is when this high pain threshold isn’t always a good thing — I could see me dropping the bee on the elliptical machine or something.

Remembering I’ll be 32 weeks tomorrow, and they won’t let me go past 34 weeks, I’ll officially open things up for guesses — gender. day. time. weight. length. vaginal vs c-section. how late kelvin is. and whatever other wagers you wish to make public here.

Keeping the bee in the hive

Well, it has been an exciting few days around here.

I called my OB from work early Tuesday morning before my 8:30 meeting just being a little nervous about some leaking that i thought was my bladder. They nurse said to go in to triage to get checked. They confirmed my membrane has a slow leak so they admitted me immediately Tuesday (I’ll be 32 weeks Friday). They told me in triage that I would be here until “the bee” is born.

On Tues their estimate is that the bee weighs about 3 lb 14 oz. They’ve had me in bed pumping me with antibiotic, magnesium sulfate and fluid and they gave me two shots of steroids to get the bee’s lungs toughened up. They’ll take me off things this afternoon and then I will continue to stay in bed fettered to the fetal heart rate and contraction monitor and see how long we can keep the bee in the hive. Ideally we would get to 34 weeks, but I have my mom on standby to purchase her ticket at any moment.

Nesting already?

Yesterday was productive and probably a sign I’m doing a little early nesting. Kelvin had to attend commencement at NCC in the morning so I ran errands on my own sitting in what seemed like a million ugly grandma recliners. I also got by a local store that carries Bonavita baby furniture to check out the construction and color of the crib my sister and I found online.

After I picked up Kelvin we went for a yummy lunch at the new Fiesta Ole and headed to the Lazboy store for him to approve of the chair I wanted for the nursery.

It is one I found earlier this week and have antagonized over the color all week. I brought home two fabric samples that I ended up not liking with the fabric I have already purchased to make curtains and the bed skirt. After having Kelvin sit in two of the three (the second one he said was mawmaw enough he didnt bother),  I went with the Rex rocker recliner adding the swivel mechanism and having it covered in orange (take a look at my Flickr account to see the fabric together). I figure I can make orange work in the kid-o’s room for years. Maybe it just assures me that I wont have to cave to a princess pink room in the future; and that is not something i will regret. So in about 8 weeks (maybe sooner) I’ll have a comfy chair that Braut and Harriett will help me break in I’m sure.

So after the success of buying the chair, I promptly came home and ordered the Peyton crib from where they had it for a great price and included free shipping and 15% off.

And that is me nesting. I told myself I wouldn’t do anything else until after we get back from our trip to Australia, but I obviously lie; I started a registry list on Amazon so I could stop putting stuff in my google doc spreadsheet. Obviously, it’s just the beginning and I will most likely do a registry through BabiesRUs or BuyBuy baby when it opens. So if you have suggestions, send them my way.