Black beans in Brownies

I am a fan of beans so this doesn’t upset me the way it may turn the stomachs of some of you. A woman in my WW meeting brought “Magic Brownies” last week. They were super chocolaty to the point I may make some tonight and not tell Kelvin the secret ingredient.

1 15 oz can black beans, unstrained
1 tbsp cinnamon (she used 1/2 and others used just 1/4 so use your judgement)
1 box fat-free brownie mix

Preheat oven to 350 degrees (or the temperature specified on the brownie mix).

In food processor or blender, puree black beans, including liquid, with cinnamon until smooth. (You’ll see the skins of the beans, but that’s OK. You won’t be able to taste them.)

Transfer to mixing bowl, and combine with brownie mix. Stir by hand until shiny and mostly lump-free.

Pour batter into a greased 8×8 pan. Bake for about 30 minutes or until knife inserted in the center comes out clean.

Brownies will be rich, moist and cake like. When they cool, cut immediately into 16 regular-sized squares or 30 bite-sized squares. Makes 16 servings (or 9 the way I cut them).

Per 1/16 size serving: 98 calories, 1 gram fat, 21 grams carbohydrates, 2 grams protein, 2 grams dietary fiber

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