WW as a RPG

Tonight over an excellent southern Indian buffet dinner at Spice India, my friend E was telling me about this article he read: “Fun Way to Lose Weight: Turning Dieting into an RPG.” Why didn’t i think to write the thing? I’ve thought several times that the reason weight watchers has worked for me is that i treat it like a game. it keeps my interest because i love puzzles, and it’s the ultimate puzzle– it starts over each morning and it takes strategy to get the puzzle to end perfectly at zero by the time i go to bed. I haven’t used the online tools much, I really just mooch off my mom’s account when I need to look for something specific. But the article makes me want to write that letter to the Nike+ people even more.

I’m currently in love with my Nike+ iPod thingy (the really need a good name for the thing so people don’t look at me like i’m completely crazy). The problem I have with it is that it’s too simple. Sure it’s nice that I can keep track of my runs, the data is uploaded into my account and i can see my runs. But I want to do more with it– i want to pick several runs and overlay them to see how my pace, distance and time has changed over time. Basically I want to download the data and be able to manipulate it with my mad Excel skills. Nerd I know; but it’s the geeky motivation I need

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