Dear Ohio, I need a flowchart

I would consider myself a “law dog” in most situations, which is why it’s a little surprising to me that I procrastinated changing my license plates after moving to Ohio. Admittedly, I wasn’t thrilled to move and with being pregnant and working from home, it did in some ways slip my mind. Since my PA registration expires in just a few days I figured it was prudent to tap into my responsible self.

I know at some point, maybe before we moved I tried to make sense of the Ohio BMV website and came out with not a clue as to: 1. what the process would require or 2. how much it would cost.  So I got back on the site yesterday and with multiple browser windows open I managed to take enough notes to create for myself a flow chart of the steps I needed to take, but wasn’t fully clear on the cost.  Armed with every document I thought it might be possible they would ask for, the littles and I headed out on an adventure to follow my flow chart.

Go to the Avon Lake Deputy registrar and pay $3.50 for an out of state inspection. This is not a safety inspection, but just a check to make sure the name on the title matched my license and the VIN number on the title matched my car.

Drive to North Ridgeville to the County Clerk of Courts office and present my drivers license, PA title and out of state inspection form. About 10 minutes and $18.50 later I have a new OH title (with the dealership misspelled, but let’s not talk about how I didn’t realize that until much later in the process).

After another 10-15 minute stop at Automotive Specialty Services for a free eCheck certification, I was armed with the pieces I needed to get plates.

We waited until early afternoon to go back to the Avon Lake Deputy Registrar office in hopes of missing the lunch crowd and that the drizzle was keeping other people away. After waiting our turn the same woman who did our inspection saw me waiting and let us skip the line a little. Armed with my license, new title, eCheck certification, and a check for $39.25 we walked away with sparkly new Ohio plates.

Who knew using the vice grips to get the bolts off to put the plates on would be almost as much trouble.

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