Back from a long winter’s nap

Let’s skip the excuses and get to business; I’m back.  I can’t believe the last post is from 2011 and now over half of 2014 is over.

The quick update is that:

  • I’ve moved.
  • I’m currently staying at home with the Bee (now 4) and the Beast (3 months old).
  • I keep doing things and thinking “I should post this”.

So here I am. And I consider it karma in some ways. I’ve looked at so many other blogs for recipes, product reviews, creative ideas and how-to’s; I figure it’s my turn.

One thought on “Back from a long winter’s nap”

  1. Welcome back! Love the new design. Further love that you kept the recipes as I seriously needed your chocolate chip cake recipe even though what I should be checking out are your WW recipes.

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