Shamed into a new post

I was actually on Jess’ blog and saw that it’s drawing my last post headline into her blog. And it’s shame that brings me here. If she had my phone number, Jess’ Aunt Margaret would have probably called my by now (see aunt Margaret, Jess does pass on your messages).

It’s been a busy year of course, and I hope anyone coming to read my blog has kept up with us through the photos and videos I’ve posted to Flickr this year. Absolutely amazing to watch Kate grow and change this year, and of course, Kelvin and I have grown and changed too in some obvious (my increase in weight) and not so obvious ways.

As you’ve seen in pictures, Kate is trying to walk now and is very into pushing things so she can steady herself. She’s very much a perfectionist already and would rather not try something until she knows she’ll be successful. So odd to me that that is already part of her personality. She’s generally easy going though and has been quite the traveler. Yes, the pink glasses are prescription and the patch is so she exercises her bad eye by forcing her to use it exclusively for 90 minutes every day. She doesn’t seem to mind going to “school”, and her teachers there are fabulous. But she does enjoy the weekends– sleeping in, eating Indian or Thai food (she has quite the palette), taking more than one nap, and just hanging out with us.

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