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Everyone always says when you have a baby you start obsessing about poop. And it’s true. I won’t leave you with the gory details, but let’s just say that Kate has decided she prefers to store things up for several days before she gives us a prize. And by US, I mean ME. I keep telling her that I pay good money to send her to school and she could leave them with a prize if she wanted. Kelvin also said that he hasn’t witnessed any of these monster blowouts; maybe she’ll give him one as a welcome home present.

Actually the only catastrophic blowout occurred in her Gram’s car headed to Effie’s shower. She was dressed in her adorable brown and pink romper that Gram pressed for her. She let one go that soaked through the diaper, her clothes and onto the car seat. Cara’s mother-in-law noticed it as I pulled Kate out of the car seat so my clothes were saved. It was pretty comical. I had successfully gotten her undressed and put the outfit where I thought it was out of the way on the towel I had her on and she of course stuck her foot in it. So I clean up her foot and as I return to finish cleaning her nether regions she decided she needed to pee. Lovely. I sent everyone into the shower and we finished getting clean and changed. She wore her “As cute as my Aunt” outfit to the party and I will forever tell the story of her first major blowout. Because I’m the mom, and I can do that.

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  1. I for one always love a good poop story. My mom loves to tell how one of my major blowouts as a baby happened in Burger King, and when she wheeled the defiled high chair and poop-coated me into the bathroom, two teenagers exiting the bathroom were scared into abstinence that day. So, I suspect that this poop story will become one that Kate will laugh about with you.

    Love the new look of the blog. We’ll all expect daily updates now! 😉

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