Who cares about soup?

So I know people keep checking this and it’s obvious I fell of the blogging train. I have been posting pictures to Flickr, but it’s Jess’ Aunt Margaret who prompted me to finally post. Her message to me was “please write something about that little baby! who cares about soup!”

Enough about the yummy zucchini basil soup, and more about Kate! She’s getting so big. I was surprised at how little and alien-like she looked in the post below. She’s definitely filled out and trying to catch up. At her last appt on August 23 she was creeping up on 11 pounds and I know she’s well over that now. So finally, she weighs more than the cat.

We’ve had a busy couple of months. I went back to work part-time working 10-2 just before the start of the semester so Kate started going to the Lafayette College Early Learning Center here on campus. We like it there, and because she is currently the youngest there she gets lots and lots of snuggles. I think when some of the staff take their breaks, the come right down to see Kate.

Kate and I successfully made a surprise trip to Louisiana for the Labor Day weekend. It was my sister-in-law’s baby shower and Kate still had two uncles and an aunt she needed to meet so Kelvin bought us a ticket and away we went! Only my dad knew we were coming so he had some covert work to get the car seat ordered and installed so he could pick us up undetected. Her Gram squealed and her Aunts Cara and Effie cried when they saw her. Uncles John and Josh were surprised too and didn’t give their turn to hold her up to anyone.

We’re attempting to get into a routine. She’s got the sleeping all night down, but she can be pretty cranky in the evening. I think it’s just a ploy to get her dad to hold her, and if that is the case, it’s working.

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