A shock to the system

Thank God for nurse Barb on Tuesday. Had it not been for her warning us that we were getting close to leaving and having us begin some of the discharge papers I think we would have had a stroke yesterday afternoon. When I went in to see Kate for her 3pm care time, they started talking about taking her home on Thursday. THURSDAY? really? of course my child would decide she wanted to come home the day of my birthday concert.

See, Kelvin bought me tickets for the Brooks & Dunn last rodeo tour show in Hershey for June 17 many months ago when the tickets first went on sale. It was going to be my birthday present and our last getaway before we became parents (since she isn’t due until July 23). So instead of a romantic getaway, we get to bring home our new love. It’s not a bad trade off.

Of course my luck, now that we found someone to take the tickets, the doctors will probably decide she needs one more night. And so the misplayed plans of parenthood begin.

But she’s been in an open air crib for a day and a half, had her Hep B vaccine, hearing test, car seat test, tube removed and she’s been eating like a champ. Can’t ask for more than that from her.

5 thoughts on “A shock to the system”

  1. well, courtney, she thinks if she gets out on Thursday she’ll get to go to the concert!

    so great to hear that things are going so well. we’ll be looking for photos from home very soon.

  2. Courtney, that is fantastic. I cried when I saw the pic and read the report. That is so wonderful!!!

  3. Digging that blanket. Coordinates nicely with the car seat. Also, I think you should write Brooks and Dunn about your trade off. Maybe they’ll write a song titled, “Kate.”

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