Memorial Day

I didn’t get an update posted last night for all the excitement. Mom flew in around 5p and Kelvin went to get her and grab dinner at 5 Guys. While he was gone they decided to close CW3 where I have been since they admitted me because I was going to be the only patient there and they can’t staff a private nurse for me. So my nurse packed up all my stuff and got me ready to move. After we ate they took me and my entourage to the regular maternity ward. I’m in a huge room that has a table & chairs, love seat, glider and stool. Not nearly as cozy as my other room, but this has definite party potential!

Things are good this morning. Still a little irritability, but no real organized contractions. I’m on the monitor now for my hour and bee’s heartrate looks like normal; just buzzing along.

I did make the mistake of telling the resident that it felt like i pulled my hamstring so she’s going to make me wear compression hose and use those inflatable boots some while i’m in bed. bleh.

Breakfast is served here. I better work on that so I’ll be hungry again when Kelvin goes to get our free Spicy Chicken Sandwiches from Chick-fil-a at lunch.

3 thoughts on “Memorial Day”

  1. Haven’t you heard? Compression hose and inflatable boots are all the rage in Paris this season.

    Glad that you’re mom is there now. Your mom from the parallel universe sends her love and is checking on you regularly through your updates.

    Keep buzzing little Bee. I guessed tomorrow, but I’ll happily enter a new guess to give you more growing time.

    Love from ND….

  2. I loved those boots. I am actually thinking about getting pregnant again just so that I can get to wear those boots!

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