Sunday and still buzzing

Have I really just spent five nights in the hospital? I guess it’s good time is going by relatively quickly. We had another good night last night and today has almost felt typical if I pretend this bed is my couch and that the short walk to the kitchen was my weekend run.

I had blood drawn at 3:30am this morning for them to check more closely for infection. I haven’t had any of the clinical signs showing up (fever, tender belly), so it was just a precaution. I was on the monitor for my hour at 11 when Dr B came by. We walked down the hall to the ultrasound room so he could take a look and check fluid levels. Things look about the same as on Tuesday when they admitted me so that’s a good thing. The bee has been very busy buzzing around today and even stuck a tongue out while we were watching on the ultrasound. I can imagine bee was also singing “nah-na-na boo-boo”.

In other exciting news, while I was gone I got clean sheets. It’s the little things really. Kelvin’s busy taking a nap in the daddy chair, and I’m partially paying attention to Star Wars while I lay here. Pretty typical Sunday afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Sunday and still buzzing”

  1. I’m glad my guess for sunday delivery is wrong so far and it’s just a typical Sunday! Give that baby a little longer to grow!

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