Saturday afternoon antics

It’s been a pretty quiet day around here, but pretty great too.

Dr. B, the perinatologist I met on Tuesday came by this morning to check in on me. He did reassure me that there really is a reason for me to be here; I was beginning to think this was a not so funny episode of Punk’ed. So if things stay quiet with us today they plan to do a blood panel tomorrow morning to check on things; particularly my white blood count to make sure we don’t have an infection setting in. He also said we would go around the corner and do an ultrasound to measure the fluid around the baby.

The latest hour on the monitor did show some contractions, and I am feeling them now. They’re not very strong or organized so we’ll hang tight and see what happens. Hopefully they’ll stop again for another day or two.

Kelvin brought duck pad thai from Thai Thai II for lunch and now we’re watching “Lockup” trying to decide if we should film our own version while I’m here. And while I know the baby news is the most important, Dr B also said Braut could come for a visit! Luckily Kelvin took him to the spa this morning for a bath and pedicure so he’s set to come see me today or tomorrow (if I’m not busy letting bee out of the hive).

One thought on “Saturday afternoon antics”

  1. Wow – they’re going to let Braut visit you?! That’s so awesome, nothing like your dog to help stay relaxed! Which is probably the whole reason for their approval, huh? :)

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