No More MAG

Dr K came in around 1 and put in the order that the nurse could stop the Magnesium Sulfate. So I’m unfettered from the IV for now. They’re keeping the line in to use for antibiotics a few more rounds but that will be 30 minutes at a time every 4 or 8 hours (I don’t remember how often they’ve been doing that). AND without me expecting it he wrote to keep me on the monitor for an hour ever 4 hours. So i will be unhooked totally for 3 hours starting around 2pm this afternoon. shower here i come! It’s the little things really.

Dr K’s guess isĀ  a girl, and she’ll be born over the weekend. His reasoning on girl is selfish, because they generally do better in the NICU and the weekend based on if my membranes ruptured on Thursday (and I’m not positive if it was then or Sunday or some other day, but me explaining here would be TMI for this general audience).

He did say from the monitor I’ve been having zero to five contractions an hour; news to me really. Maybe it’s better things are happening this way with me here. This is when this high pain threshold isn’t always a good thing — I could see me dropping the bee on the elliptical machine or something.

Remembering I’ll be 32 weeks tomorrow, and they won’t let me go past 34 weeks, I’ll officially open things up for guesses — gender. day. time. weight. length. vaginal vs c-section. how late kelvin is. and whatever other wagers you wish to make public here.

4 thoughts on “No More MAG”

  1. please note that i said girl months ago. so here’s the official guess:

    girl. 6.1.10. noon. 4 lbs. 6 oz. court will send first tweet with name within 30 minutes of the birth.

  2. Baby boy, May 30th, 4.9 pounds, 19″ long, vaginal birth..out after 3 pushes! Definitely will recieve a call and possibly pictures on flickr within 45 minutes!

  3. I say: “She’s going for distance, she’s going for speed…” The Big C will make it almost to 34 weeks cuz she ain’t no quitta!

    June 3, 2010, 3 p.m. the good ol’ fashion way! And Kelvin will make it just in time to say “What the hell is crowning?” because he was cleaning the bathroom and changing the sheets at home for his Queen Bee.

  4. All I’ll say is that a watermelon margarita was involved in the miscalculation on the date. What I meant: June 10, 2010, 3 p.m. Doh!

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