Funday Friday

Wishing all Friday’s were like today. The sun was out all day without rain. I got the last bit of laundry done and hung before Deb and I took a walk around the neighborhood. I rushed in after to take a quick shower and get online for a noontime Elluminate session Steve and Kelvin were leading. We finished getting ready and went into Lismore to meet up with them.

Before we headed out of town for a drive to Minyon Falls we stopped at the Lismore Pie Cart for lunch. I had the steak, tomato and onion; it was flaky and perfect for lunch.

The drive through the countryside was amazing, and the falls were beautiful. We also had the opportunity to find a carpet python and watch four kookaburras gather in a tree to watch a group of people around the barbeque. One even swooped down and grabbed something to eat before sitting up in the tree to mock them.

Steve took us to a few different scenic views including a look toward Byron Bay where we’ll go tomorrow for a closer look.

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