Feeling like a well-kept woman

I started the day with a walk to the gym where Deb is a member; she had given me one of her 7-day passes so I wanted to take advantage. As I walked back, it began to pour, but there was something nice about walking in the rain. Once I got back I put on a load of laundry and took my time in the shower and getting ready. Laundry has been fun, strategizing on how to hang things on the line so they are the least wrinkled and most dry when I gather them later.

Deb and I picked up her friend Lesley and headed to Ballina for a late lunch at a nice café. My salad came with huge strips of salt and pepper battered calamari and I tried my first decaf half-white. We walked along the water after lunch until we needed to get Lesley to the airport.

We stayed in Ballina a little longer, stopping at the butcher to buy marinated lamb for dinner. We felt right at home with Steve on the computer in two Elluminate sessions at the dinner table.

I started searching information for Melbourne and Sydney. I think we will be sad to leave the pace of life here, but it should be fun to see two of the major cities before we head home.

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