Down Under

made it here safely. lucked out on the flight and had a row of three seats to ourselves. long flight, but we slept on and off. i’m tired tonight, but trying to stay awake as long as i can to get in the right timezone. the bee is obviously confused too and didn’t appreciate the loud flight on the prop to get from Sydney up to Byron Bay; bee was kicking me almost the entire flight.

steve and deb, the people we are staying with are great. they took us along the coast on the way to their house. we also took a walk in their neighborhood and saw two kookaburras sitting on a fence; unfortunate that it wasnt in an old gum tree. the house is tucked neatly in the jungle as steve refers to it. their yard is amazing. somany tropical plants — bananas, starfruit, jackfruit, macadamias, limes, mandarins. the also have six chocks (hens) in a pen in the back; their eggs are yummy. i had part of a boiled one on a ham and veggie sandwich when we arrived. it was great to have fresh veggies and fruit.

after a nice hot shower we relaxed a little before a dinner of lamb chops, mashed potatoes and peas, corn and broccoli. creme caramel for dessert; i may gain my entire pregnancy weight this week.

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