Take the movie, leave the popcorn

I keep meaning to post something about this, and it just came up in conversation so while it’s on my mind I better do it.

We went to the movies this weekend — I took my niece to see Planet 51 while Kelvin took his parents to see The Blind Side. I always stuff snacks in my purse, or at least I have since the great weight loss journey of 2008. And this is why:

Theatre size calories fat sodium
Regal medium popcorn – 20 cups 1,200 calories 60 grams 980 milligrams
AMC medium popcorn – 9 cups 590 calories 633 grams
Cinemark medium popcorn – 14 cups 760 calories 3 grams

Here is a link to the NYTimes article where I pulled this from

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