The Slacker is back

I’m sure you are all clammoring for me to return to the site and begin being more consistent about posting.  I can tell this because not a single person has visited the site in months– got to love google analytics! But I figure maybe at least a few people look at Jess’ blog and see my last post and know the pickle post is still the most recent thing; and we’re way past pickles around here.

I will save you from the recap (in this post at least), and just start with this weekend– MY SISTER IS HERE! She and her husband J got in on Thursday night. The only thing she explicitly asked to do was to go pick apples and make a pie; and she can check that off the list. After I escaped early from work yesterday we drove out to Oldwick, NJ to eat lunch at the Oldwick General Store as per our friend E’s recommendation. The sandwiches were fantastic.

Once we stuffed out faces we went across the street to Mellick’s town farm for some apple pickin’. We waited patiently for the woman working to finish rining up a few people ahead of us and then we asked for the full orientation. She set us up with baskets, a picker and a quick lay of the orchard. I asked about Honeycrisp, and she responded “you know about honeycrips?” and after reading the blank look on the faces of Josh and Cara she promptly went over, grabbed one out of a peck for sale on the table and told us to enjoy it as we walked through the orchard.

Of course, we ended up with probably more apples than we can eat, but we already worked on two pies and I have my eye on a few other recipes that I’ll share later especially if they turn out yummy.

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