Snow day

first snow day of the year, so why was i so cranky about it this morning?

because seriously lafayette, k got a text from his school around 5:40 letting him know school there was cancelled. i called our number at 6:28 and no message. so i showered, dressed, fixed breakfast for us, got my lunch ready, had my gym bag packed. i was dropping my phone in the purse and thought; i’ll check email one more time. that’s when i got the email from my boss letting me know a meeting was cancelled since work was closed.

i guess i should be glad i checked email before i left for work, but it still made me cranky. i sat on the couch and fummed for a little longer before i went up and changed into clothes that appreciate a nice coat of dog hair.

it’s possible being awake and ready did help me use my snow day a little more wisely. i did a few things for work (thank the heavens for the VPN), upgraded to WP 2.7 for this blog, paid bills, cancelled two magazine subscriptions, baked yummy banana oatmeal bars and made some chicken, sausage and okra gumbo for lunch.

here’s the part of the afternoon when the wheels are likely to fall off this productivity wagon. so i’ll put on some coffee and check on facebook…

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