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Oatmeal chocolate/butterscotch lactation cookies

My sister had a baby four months before I was due with the Beast. We were talking on the phone one afternoon while she was baking Oatmeal chocolate chip lactation cookies she found a recipe for on She was telling me the wonders of flax seed and brewers yeast along with oatmeal to help with production. I saved the link, and I’m so glad I did. Not that my supply was lacking, but I figure every little bit helps. And these cookies have become some of our favorites. I adapted the recipe by eliminating the eggs and using flax instead. I also use half chocolate chips and half butterscotch chips. The recipe below is for a half batch of my version.

Perfectly timed, these cookies cool into a chewy bite of goodness. I’ve also taken to using the cookie scoop to create dough balls that I then freeze so I can take out and bake a few at a time. I don’t even defrost them long; just put them on the cookie sheet on the stove while the oven preheats. I sometimes push the center down a little to make them more even and to test how frozen they are before I put them in to bake.


1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup firmly packed brown sugar
6 tablespoons water
3 tablespoons flax seed meal
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cups flour
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 cups oats
1/4 cup chocolate chips
1/4 cup butterscotch chips
2 -3 tablespoons brewer’s yeast


Preheat oven to 350°.
Mix the flaxseed meal and water and let sit for 3-5 minutes.
Beat butter, sugar, and brown sugar well.
Add flaxseed mix and vanilla, beat well.
Sift together flour, brewers yeast, baking soda, and salt.
Add dry ingredients to butter mix.
Stir in oats and chips.
Scoop onto baking sheet.
Bake for 12 minutes.
Let set for a couple minutes then move to cooling rack. 

Back from a long winter’s nap

Let’s skip the excuses and get to business; I’m back.  I can’t believe the last post is from 2011 and now over half of 2014 is over.

The quick update is that:

  • I’ve moved.
  • I’m currently staying at home with the Bee (now 4) and the Beast (3 months old).
  • I keep doing things and thinking “I should post this”.

So here I am. And I consider it karma in some ways. I’ve looked at so many other blogs for recipes, product reviews, creative ideas and how-to’s; I figure it’s my turn.

Shamed into a new post

I was actually on Jess’ blog and saw that it’s drawing my last post headline into her blog. And it’s shame that brings me here. If she had my phone number, Jess’ Aunt Margaret would have probably called my by now (see aunt Margaret, Jess does pass on your messages).

It’s been a busy year of course, and I hope anyone coming to read my blog has kept up with us through the photos and videos I’ve posted to Flickr this year. Absolutely amazing to watch Kate grow and change this year, and of course, Kelvin and I have grown and changed too in some obvious (my increase in weight) and not so obvious ways.

As you’ve seen in pictures, Kate is trying to walk now and is very into pushing things so she can steady herself. She’s very much a perfectionist already and would rather not try something until she knows she’ll be successful. So odd to me that that is already part of her personality. She’s generally easy going though and has been quite the traveler. Yes, the pink glasses are prescription and the patch is so she exercises her bad eye by forcing her to use it exclusively for 90 minutes every day. She doesn’t seem to mind going to “school”, and her teachers there are fabulous. But she does enjoy the weekends– sleeping in, eating Indian or Thai food (she has quite the palette), taking more than one nap, and just hanging out with us.

Baby’s first Thanksgiving

If we were buying tickets for the Munchkin she would probably have more frequent flier miles than most people. We made our trip to Detroit for Thanksgiving without incident. It was nice to spend time with Kelvin’s family; she got to meet her Aunt Falisha and some of Kelvin’s aunts and uncles.

Several weeks ago she rolled over on her own at the house. I didn’t actually witness the first time; I just turned around to see her on her back when I left her on her tummy. Thanksgiving Day at her grandma and papa’s she decided to roll over again and did it several times over the weekend. And of course I don’t think she’s rolled again since we’ve been home. In her time I guess.

Poop post

Everyone always says when you have a baby you start obsessing about poop. And it’s true. I won’t leave you with the gory details, but let’s just say that Kate has decided she prefers to store things up for several days before she gives us a prize. And by US, I mean ME. I keep telling her that I pay good money to send her to school and she could leave them with a prize if she wanted. Kelvin also said that he hasn’t witnessed any of these monster blowouts; maybe she’ll give him one as a welcome home present.

Actually the only catastrophic blowout occurred in her Gram’s car headed to Effie’s shower. She was dressed in her adorable brown and pink romper that Gram pressed for her. She let one go that soaked through the diaper, her clothes and onto the car seat. Cara’s mother-in-law noticed it as I pulled Kate out of the car seat so my clothes were saved. It was pretty comical. I had successfully gotten her undressed and put the outfit where I thought it was out of the way on the towel I had her on and she of course stuck her foot in it. So I clean up her foot and as I return to finish cleaning her nether regions she decided she needed to pee. Lovely. I sent everyone into the shower and we finished getting clean and changed. She wore her “As cute as my Aunt” outfit to the party and I will forever tell the story of her first major blowout. Because I’m the mom, and I can do that.

Who cares about soup?

So I know people keep checking this and it’s obvious I fell of the blogging train. I have been posting pictures to Flickr, but it’s Jess’ Aunt Margaret who prompted me to finally post. Her message to me was “please write something about that little baby! who cares about soup!”

Enough about the yummy zucchini basil soup, and more about Kate! She’s getting so big. I was surprised at how little and alien-like she looked in the post below. She’s definitely filled out and trying to catch up. At her last appt on August 23 she was creeping up on 11 pounds and I know she’s well over that now. So finally, she weighs more than the cat.

We’ve had a busy couple of months. I went back to work part-time working 10-2 just before the start of the semester so Kate started going to the Lafayette College Early Learning Center here on campus. We like it there, and because she is currently the youngest there she gets lots and lots of snuggles. I think when some of the staff take their breaks, the come right down to see Kate.

Kate and I successfully made a surprise trip to Louisiana for the Labor Day weekend. It was my sister-in-law’s baby shower and Kate still had two uncles and an aunt she needed to meet so Kelvin bought us a ticket and away we went! Only my dad knew we were coming so he had some covert work to get the car seat ordered and installed so he could pick us up undetected. Her Gram squealed and her Aunts Cara and Effie cried when they saw her. Uncles John and Josh were surprised too and didn’t give their turn to hold her up to anyone.

We’re attempting to get into a routine. She’s got the sleeping all night down, but she can be pretty cranky in the evening. I think it’s just a ploy to get her dad to hold her, and if that is the case, it’s working.

Weekend already?

The week flew by. Kate had her first pediatricians appointment with Dr Verma on Monday. She had gained four ounces since the visiting nurse saw her on Friday; my girl can pack on the weight like her mom. But we’re happy about that. Verma sent us to Dr. Robert Kitei, an ophthalmologist to have her eye looked at. Seems she has a persistent hyaloid artery in her right eye. He told us to Google it, but when we look to know it is not PHPV. So we get to visit him a few more times so he can take a look every few weeks to see if it is changing. Usually this artery atrophies in the third trimester, so hopefully it will do that and not cause her any problems beyond the nearsightedness she seems to have in that eye already. I’m hoping she doesn’t have to get glasses, but if that is the worst of it, we’ll deal.

Other than that excitement, things have been pretty quiet. We are keeping her on her 12-3-6-9 schedule as much as possible. She generally wakes us up for the 3am and the others we generally wake her up. She’s so funny though because she cries out around 3am and as soon as we get in the room she stops. Really the only time she really cried was when Dr Kitei used a clamp to hold her little eye open so he could get a better look. She had deadening drops in her eye and he assured us it didn’t hurt, but she cried anyway. Until the moment he took it off and she immediately stopped.

It was nice to have Kelvin home this week. Beyond helping with baby, he was able to get some things done around the house. Zach even came up yesterday to help with a few yard projects and they power washed the house this morning.

So we have the weekend and then Kate and I will be on our own during the day while Kelvin works his 10 hour days. I think I need to start a list of little projects I want to accomplish (as soon as I get the last few thank you notes written) so I can be productive while she sleeps. And maybe I should make a list of projects for her Gram & Pop when they come to visit the first week in July.

Home, Sweet Home

We did get to bring Kate home Thursday. It was the first of many times that we altered our plans for our little bee. Kelvin bad planned for Thursday to be one of our last couple outings for a while. He bought me tickets to see Brooks & Dunn’s Last Rodeo tour in Hershey and we planned to stay the night in Harrisburg. Instead, we got to bring our tiny girl home. The fortunate thing is that even though Kelvin prepaid our room, it looks like Hilton is going to refund the cost if we provide documentation. And my super sleuth husband is also trying to see if Ticketmaster will do the same. Every little bit helps; especially since we see the rate at which she goes through diapers.

We stopped on the way to pick up burgers and fries from Five Guys and shakes from Chick-fil-a that we ate once we got home. There was also a quick stop off at Walgreens to pick up the poly-vi-sol vitamins we have to give her every morning.

Friday morning a visiting nurse came by to check Kate’s weight. She was back up to 5 lbs even. Everything else looked good for both of us; in addition to checking the baby’s temp and weight she checked my temp, blood pressure and legs for signs of clots. It was nice to have someone check in on us.

The past few days have been full of pumping, feeding, changing stinky diapers, cleaning bottles and pump parts, sleeping and just enjoying our new addition. I think one of my favorite things has been letting her sleep on me. She spent well over an hour this morning with her head up on my right shoulder, her body tucked between my boobie and her feet stretched down on my left hip. It felt so nice that she was so relaxed and comfortable there on me.

We spent the rest of Father’s Day just hanging out. I’ve managed to cook a few yummy meals since we’ve been home. I’m relieve that it seems my terrible cooking streak is over. For the month or so before she was born I was having a terrible time cooking. Everything just seemed off; I would burn things or spill stuff or just not bring things together link normal. But last night I made pesto for the first time ever and used it for veggie flat breads and a small side of pasta with chicken. Then today I did bbq boneless pork ribs with broccoli, carrots, fries and a yummy salad with peppered mozzarella, figs and radishes. It sounds like an odd combination, but it was rather yummy.

Tomorrow is our first pediatrician appointment in the morning. I can’t wait to see how much she weighs.

A shock to the system

Thank God for nurse Barb on Tuesday. Had it not been for her warning us that we were getting close to leaving and having us begin some of the discharge papers I think we would have had a stroke yesterday afternoon. When I went in to see Kate for her 3pm care time, they started talking about taking her home on Thursday. THURSDAY? really? of course my child would decide she wanted to come home the day of my birthday concert.

See, Kelvin bought me tickets for the Brooks & Dunn last rodeo tour show in Hershey for June 17 many months ago when the tickets first went on sale. It was going to be my birthday present and our last getaway before we became parents (since she isn’t due until July 23). So instead of a romantic getaway, we get to bring home our new love. It’s not a bad trade off.

Of course my luck, now that we found someone to take the tickets, the doctors will probably decide she needs one more night. And so the misplayed plans of parenthood begin.

But she’s been in an open air crib for a day and a half, had her Hep B vaccine, hearing test, car seat test, tube removed and she’s been eating like a champ. Can’t ask for more than that from her.

Back to work

I’ve spent the morning yesterday and today in the office. There has been something nice about getting back to something normal that I have some control over.

Our girl is doing well though. I just called to check on her, and her current nurse seems really cool. Kate had spit up in her isolette, but she had taken 45 ml by bottle at noon so I’m not surprised. They’ve also lowered the temperature in the isolette to the point where they are considering putting her in a open crib. So I’m going to go for 3pm to check on her and feed her. And I of course expect her to be too cool and not willing to eat anything. But that’s my stubborn girl, and I love her.